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Alan John Davies
After more than 17 years of Purgatory Alan John Davies is back in the real
Hello everyone. It's not possible for me to describe just how I felt at that moment when I boarded the plane at the new international airport just out of Bangkok and departed from Thailand (after spending 17 years 4 months and 15 days in various Thai hell hole prisons) and knowing that it was the end; it was over and I was at long last FREE. Free to get my train back on the tracks and to start chuckety chucking my way into the challenges of beginning the new life and all that lay ahead.

But, apart from the multitude of other and conflicting emotions like: tremendous relief, seething anger, surging anticipation, growing optimism, gut wrenching disgust, unbounded gratitude to some, immense humiliation, cautious excitement, nagging fear, an almost debilitating weariness, and yes, a gripping bitterness too, I can say with certainly that it felt pretty damned good.

However at least 1/4 of my life (if I live beyond 70) had been stolen from me by a bunch of crooks whose only consideration was the extra cash they would have in their pockets for their efforts. What the ramifications for me of their scheming and greed were to be, they didn't give a hoot. But they were experts at it and I discovered that they had done the same thing to others many times before.

During my years of confinement I met a lot of people who had been convicted of crimes that they had committed, and almost to a man they looked on their lot as a deserved and just result of their stupidity; I don't remember one ever complaining that they were being victimised needlessly. However I also met quite a few others who, like myself, had committed no crime at all, but who had also been convicted and given harsh sentences. They were almost all terribly bitter at having had their lives and those of their families and loved ones disrupted, and in some cases completely destroyed, and many developed a powerful lust for revenge.

My powerful lust for something like that really only began to grow when I discovered back in 2002 (after I had appointed a high caliber Thai lawyer to investigate the potential of a retrial petition) that initially, prior to my conviction, the determining judges had decided that I was innocent and planned to acquit me along with one of my case partners; that they had reversed that decision when a British diplomat - stationed at the British Embassy in Bangkok at the time - had intervened and provided several documents, on British Government stationary, that stated falsely that my arrest was the result of a well organised and executed joint effort between British and Thai police, and that I had several outstanding arrest warrants relating to drugs trafficking awaiting me in the UK (including one that involved the alleged import of 140 kilograms of heroin into the UK); that the British government was watching my trial very carefully and expected a conviction and an appropriate penalty. All of which was a total fabrication and was tendered by same diplomat, unbeknownst to his superiors, for the sole purpose of sharing in the huge rewards up for grabs on conviction...

No conviction, no rewards you see.

But my lawyer also discovered that, once it was known what had actually happened, an official cover-up had also been initiated by other British government officials, and that the offending documents along with other critical exhibits, which proved I had been the victim of a travesty of justice on conviction, had been criminally removed from the court files.

Of course there was Thai official corruption involved in the initial sting, and the court transcripts are all the evidence that is needed to prove that. But when one of my own countrymen - one being paid from the British people's pockets - stooped so low out of greed, and without a single thought of what tremendous damage his evil actions would cause me, and knowing that after he had left the scene (due to the exposure and in-house investigation of his involvement in other criminal activity whilst in his official position), and that a certain faction of the British government compounded his diabolical deceit by attempting to cover it up, I became consumed with a loathing and a burning inner rage such that I had never before experienced, and that I realised after some time could only be sated with retaliation and retribution.

That determination however became known to the British FCO and from then on, and right up to the day I stepped on that plane, they obstructed my every attempt be seek justice; to be vindicated; to be released via other mechanisms that were available to me; Going so far as to deliberately sabotage mine, and others' tireless and extensive efforts.

But, though they think they do, they don't really know who they are dealing with, and I will retaliate; I will expose them all for their corruption, malfeasance and crimes, and regardless of what I eventually achieve, and though I can never replace what they have stolen from me, I will be avenged.

A very good friend of mine, Sebastian Williams, has - with my full authority - done a splendid job of putting my story, from beginning to end (and as horrifying in places as it is) down in print for all who have an interest in the truth to see just how the powers, that we are forced to live beneath as normal people, manipulate things to suite their own agenda, and regardless of the human rights and legal rights of those they consider to be their lessors.

NAME: Alan John Davies
AGE: 62 Years Old (as of April 2004)
ORIGIN: Blackpool, United Kingdom
ARRESTED: Bangkok 1990 on narcotics charges and sentenced to death in 1994
PRISON: Klong Prem Menís Prison
ALLEGED CRIME: Alan claims that he was set up on Narcotics charges resulting in his arrest. He was accused, with others, of attempting to sell a large quantity of heroin to a police informer.
SENTENCE: Alan spent two years of death row having initially received the death sentence in 1994. Commuted to a life sentence and then to 25 years.
CONTACT: Mr. Alan John Davies,
c/o Bldg#1 Klong Prem Prison,
33/2 Ngamwongwan Road,
Ladyao, Chatuchuk,
Bangkok, 10900. Thailand.
NEWS LINKS Alan mentioned in House of Commons Hansard written answers.

Alan John Davies as he appears today

Alan John Davies in his younger days

John Davies is a British Citizen from Blackpool [UK]. He was arrested in Thailand on the 4th of January 1990 and has been imprisoned ever since. He was accused, with others, of attempting to sell six kilograms of heroin to a police informer. The sole evidence against him consisted of verbal evidence from police officers concerning what took place inside and outside the Bangkok Bank head office on two separate days, the 19th December 1989 and the 4th January 1990. It was alleged that this was supported in part by dated and timed bank security video recordings inside the bank during the material dates and times. The police took custody of the recordings.

During the trial they produced 8 photographs taken from the recordings which the prosecution alleged supported the police evidence. The court records show that there were a number of inconsistencies between various police officers' recollections of what took place and the photographs produced. In order to settle the matter, on the 15th July 1994, the trial judge issued a summons to the police to bring the video recordings to court. The police refused to accept service of the summons. The defence lawyer had already ascertained that police records at that time disclosed that the videos were on the premises. When the defendant's lawyer applied to the court to enforce its own order, the court refused to do so. The Chief Justice of Thailand was consulted and apparently confirmed in open court that the courts had no power over the police. The court proceeded to hear the case and sentenced Alan John Davies to death on 20th September 1994. Under the circumstances, appeals were of no practicality and were lost. The death penalty was changed to a life sentence.

In June 1999 the Attorney General of Thailand confirmed to the British government that the tapes had not been produced, but stated that the verdict was safe. In March 2001 a petition signed by over 70 MEP's was presented, on his behalf, to His Excellency the Ambassador of Thailand to the European Union by John's MEP Graham Watson.

The government's agreement in Parliament on the 2nd of May last year to support a clemency plea to the King on humanitarian grounds, as Alan John Davies had suffered a miscarriage of justice, was greeted with very much hope. However, not being aware that the administrative procedure for clemency pleas had been changed, the then Foreign Secretary sent a letter of support in the usual manner to the Foreign Ministry of Thailand, giving way, instead, for a reduction of the sentence to 25 years. Thus the British government has yet to address a clemency plea directly to His Majesty, the King of Thailand, who is the only person, who can grant a full royal pardon. Instead, the British authorities continue to advise Alan John Davies to apply for prison transfer. John has been eligible for this since the 4th of January 1998, but has repeatedly stated his unwillingness to pursue this avenue because he would need to admit guilt for such a request.

FPSS are in contact with John and he often writes letters expressing deep frustration and anger.

"There is nothing worse than being imprisoned falsely, and furthermore knowing that your Government has known this from almost the beginning, but because of hidden policies and commercial considerations, refuses to help and even helps to compound that injustice, and lies to the media".

There are currently over 1,000 British nationals incarcerated throughout the world. Many of which have broken the law and should be punished. FPSS believe that a prisoner should not face additional punishment whilst they are in prison whether this be as a result of language barriers, distance from home, or lack of local support. Many prisoners have families who are also affected by a prison sentence. Often they find it difficult to maintain long term support to their loved ones and are sometimes isolated, stigmatized and under enormous emotional and financial strain. In consideration to these facts, we hope you might support a prisoner.

Write to Allan John DaviesShow your support. Letters can be directed to - Mr. Alan John Davies,Bldg#1 Klong Prem Prison,33/2 Ngamwongwan Road, Ladyao, Chatuchuk,Bangkok, 10900. Thailand. Contact UK Prime Minister Tony Blair - click hereRespectfully request greater support for UK Prisoners detained in Thailand.Contact British Embassy in Bangkok - click here Let them know that you are concerned and would like to help.

    Mr. Alan John Davies,
    c/o Bldg#1 Klong Prem Prison,
    33/2 Ngamwongwan Road,
    Ladyao, Chatuchuk,
    Bangkok, 10900.

Firstly allow me to thank very much all of you who have been so tremendously supportive over the years. Your communications, compassion and moral support have been enormously appreciated by John and he often tells me that he probably wouldn't have lasted this long without it.

But in spite of all of yours and his efforts directed at the various Thai and British 'powers that be' for him to be afforded the justice he - like everyone else - deserves to be given, he remains to this day living in the squalor of Klong Prem prison, fighting against all odds, but still somehow managing to survive.

The promised release last June, when the Thai King celebrated 60 years on the throne, never eventuated (once again) but instead he received a token cut in his sentence along with the majority of the Thai prison population, which left him with almost another year to suffer his now going on 17 years of torment.

The British Government continues to do absolutely nothing to help him with his quest for freedom, regardless that they know - and have in fact acknowledged - that he is an innocent man and regardless of their repeated assurances, to all those who inquire, that everything possible is being done to secure his release. Take it from me: It's not a bit true; the opposite is in fact the case and they are doing nothing whatsoever to help him; quite the contrary, they are doing a lot to hinder his own efforts, and having being doing so for many years now.

Friends, John will be released on the 7th of May 2007 after being imprisoned for more than 17 years as a totally 'and indisputably' innocent man. He will re-enter the community he was so ruthlessly removed from, as a baby enters the world: with nothing; with a life to reconstruct from scratch, and to add insult to injury, in poor health to boot. He will need some (a lot of) help, and this mail is in part to solicit some from you (yet again I know only too well) to assist us in creating a cushion for him to fall on, and to allow him to adjust to his new world with a little dignity and without being burdened with the additional concerns of how he will survive during the process. This time however, instead of simply begging for a handout, some of John's friends have decided to sponsor this Appeal Drive and will cover contributions with a valuable reward for your compassion and empathy.

Please take a little of your time to peruse these two websites that they have established for this very purpose. There are some things revealed there that very few people have been privy to, but which I'm certain will shock you rigid. To start with, the full transcripts of the prosecution case that was presented during the criminal court trial and which show clearly that the charges, and the whole damned thing right up to his conviction, were fabricated and that the trial was a farce. The 150 inconsistencies, false evidence, perjury and outright contempt of the judiciary and John's rights are highlighted and colour coded for easy reference. Terrifying stuff to be sure.

Go first to:

You will be able to access the transcripts pages from there. After reading them be sure to check the links at the bottom of both sites' front pages, which will take you to directories of Thai and British government contacts where you can send your own protest letters if you wish (and we encourage you to do that. Samples provided for convenience) and a large list of support groups, forums, newsgroups, NGOs and so on that you can contact with requests for help in exposing this abominable abuse and persecution that John is still being dealt on a daily basis.

The link from this first site goes to Sebastian Williams' (he's the author of two books relating to John's ordeal, and which will be released some time after John's return to the UK) website where the six pages of trial transcripts are hosted. (There are links from there back to the Art site) (Sebastian has offered to send contributors a complimentary copy of his first book, 'The Kingdom And I', once it is published) Click Here Be sure to log into his Forum and add a post of your own. Click Here

Also there is a contact page that you can use to help us broadcast this Appeal Fund. (Please spend a few minutes there. Your participation in that will be very helpful and very much appreciated).Click Here

OK that's all from me today. There are contact pages on each site that you can use to send a message if you have the need to do so. Please do what you can. Every penny will help to ease the re-establishment nightmare that John faces once he returns home and will be enormously appreciated. And every additional person you broadcast this appeal to will help us to achieve that end.

Very best wishes. John's friend, and yours too.

Just in case you forgot - read the Universal declaration of Human Rights
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