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Welcome to the FPSS campaign pages that focus on a broad range of issues in support of the Hmong people [ethnic Laotians] around the world.

Here you will find a comprehensive collection of information from our various International associates dedicated to providing education, information, advocacy and support to Hmong related issues.

We aim to highlight the past and present struggles of the Hmong people and to seek ways to enhance their lives, so that they may live in peace and prosperity with the same freedom, equality, and justice that is their right as members of the International Community.

* Photograph provided by Fact Finding Commission.

History of the Hmong
The Hmong helped the U.S. in many
operatives during the Vietnam War called the Secret War. They worked with the C.I.A. to suppress enemies and aid allies in Laos. When the U.S. withdrew, they left their Hmong comrades behind to fend for themselves. Many retreated to the jungles of Laos to continue fighting. There are those who were fortunate enough to cross the Mekong River into Thailand and eventually to the U.S. However, some remain in the jungles of Laos or in the refugees camps of Thailand. Now, the Hmong still face persecution and repatriation back to Laos. We need to act now to stop the international humanitarian rights violations.
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Hmong - Apocalypse Now
TRIBESMAN (Translation): Today the Lao government is trying to use starvation as a weapon to kill us. They are also using chemicals to kill us.

This extraordinary video testimony was shot by Hmong tribespeople in the remote mountains of northern Laos. Smuggled out at great risk, it is the first time it's been seen on television anywhere. It reveals the desperate plight of the Hmong who are hiding in jungle sanctuaries, totally cut off from the outside world. For over 30 years they have been trying to survive as hunter gatherers while the Lao Government hunt them like wild game.

TRIBESMAN (Translation): They have been hunting us and killing us for 30 years, today there are 20,000 of us in the jungle. The Hmong had fought on the American side in their war against the communists in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. When the Americans withdrew in 1973 they left their allies, the Hmong, behind. But the people they were fighting against, the communist Pathet Lao, became the Government in Laos and have relentlessly pursued the Hmong ever since. Driven by starvation and constant attacks from the Lao military, tribal leaders have now taken a momentous decision. They are sending out an advance party of women and children to surrender and try to save their lives.

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    In Search of the Truth
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    C/O Minister H.E. Mr. Somsavat Lengsavad
    Thatluang Road
    Ban Phonxay

    Dear Honorable Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Somsavath Lengsavat;

    On behalf of the free world, the Fact Finding Commission would like to take a moment of your time to hear our response concerning the situation in Laos. Our mission is to bring THE TRUTH inside Laos to the outside world. That is exactly what we have been doing. On an interview broadcast through the Voices of America on October 14, 2005 by VOA correspondent, Songrit PhonNgern, you challenged the correspondent to tell you who were the ones who wrote the reports regarding the ongoing genocide inside Laos and witnessed the truth inside Laos. Unfortunately, your question was not addressed to the right person. Therefore, today FFC is going to answer that question for you.

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    HAIS. [Hmong Advocacy International Service].
    Reply to Dateline from Dr Pao Saykao
    Public Relation Officer (HAIS)
    News & Press Releases
    High-level Thai delegation to visit Hmong refugees at Nong Khai jail
    On January 15, 2009, a high-level Thai delegation from Bangkok is expected to visit the 158 Hmong refugees held at Nong Khai immigration jail. The visit is expected to be just another attempt at convincing these Hmong refugees to “voluntarily” return to Laos.

    The Hmong refugees believe that the real purpose of these visits is to break their human spirit. The “concerned” officials always ask the group why they are afraid to return to Laos but at the same time tell them that no third-country is willing to accept them, which is an outright lie! The Hmong detainees are also told that they are not political refugees even though they have the UNHCR documentation to prove it! Then, they are told that they only have two options available to them. One, they can “voluntarily” return to Laos. Or two, they can spend the rest of their lives in this small overcrowded immigration jail (photo attached).

    Much worse than suffering from the awful physical and psychological conditions at the overcrowded jail is the fact that the United States, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands have all remained seemingly silent on this issue. These are the countries which had quickly stepped forward after a failed deportation attempt some two years ago and agreed to resettle these refugees.
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  • PRESS RELEASE - December 31, 2008
    Sad new year for Hmong refugees in Nong Khai jail

    Due to reported Thai security concerns of possible escape the Hmong refugees in Nong Khai jail are being held under lockdown and not allowed outside their cramped cells for their usual 2 hours in the sun.

    This has really traumatized the group with some contemplating suicide over the next few days if they are not allowed out. Their moral is at an all time low.

    Their calls to US Ambassador Eric John at the US Embassy in Bangkok are turned away by the Thai switchboard staff stating that these Hmong have no business speaking with the Ambassador as they should contact the UNHCR instead.

    This response has deeply traumatized these Hmong who just want to speak for several minutes with the Ambassador to share their pain and suffering, and make him understand the hell they are going through. Their over 2 years of detention has brought them to the breaking point.

    Joe Davy
    Hmong Advocate

    Help the Hmong
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