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Randy James Sachs Update 31 May 2006
FPSS have recently been advised that Randy has finally completed his last dental session and is, according to his Mother [Dee Hogle], totally exhilarated with life .. without pain... his infections have finally subsided!

It continues to be a long and difficult journey for Randy's family but they are all continuing to persevere and show tremendous spirit amidst such uncertainty. Their calm approach and responsible representations to the Canadian Government is obviously yielding good results. Both Dee and her husband Robin met recently with their Government representatives and were given a VIP tour of the Government's Parliament Hill. They were very impressive. More on that visit below in Dee's update.

In country news....Ralph Flannagan, Canadian Consul officer in Vietnam handling Randy's case is being transferred to a new post in July 2006. He will be sadly missed by Randy, his family and support team at FPSS. Ralph has been an absolute pillar of strength to everyone working on this case. He has kept the family up to date following each visit and has personally inspired Randy to endure the hardships. Randy has a great deal of respect and admiration for Ralph and we know that his absence will affect Randy to a degree, but we are hoping that Randy will continue to be inspired to make Ralph proud. Randy's entire family and friends wish to extend their heartfelt appreciation to Ralph and hope that his next posting will bring him an abundance of rewarding experiences and due recognition for his outstanding service and dedication to duty. Ralph Flannagan's replacement is Liberty Moore and will go with Ralph on his last visit to Randy. FPSS welcomes Mr. Liberty Moore to Vietnam and hopes that he will find the post equally rewarding.

Randy has requested a transfer to North Vietnam [Hanoi]. The Canadian Consulate will help with this request which is undoubtedly in his best interests. The Vietnamese law does not provide for extradition to Canada but regardless, Randy has indicated that even if it were available, he would much prefer to submit an application for clemency in the hope that he can begin his life afresh. Randy has consistently shown that he has many redeeming qualities and has learned some valuable lessons under the Vietnamese correctional system. Accordingly, prisoners can apply for clemency four times a year if they have served 1/3 their sentence.

Special thanks to FPSS member in Vietnam, Stephanie [surname withheld for privacy reasons] who visited with Ralph at the Embassy this month and dropped off some much needed care package items for Randy. [toiletries, multi vitamins & minerals and some fresh food]. Stephanie says that Randy's kidneys are still a concern but he is apparently drinking plenty of water whilst awaiting treatment. Ralph is continuing to seek medical attention for Randy's kidneys by writing an official letter every two months to the prison authorities and by pressing the matter every time he visits Randy. Stephanie believes that Consul are doing all they can to ensure Randy's health is maintained.

Randy shares a cell with another Canadian/Vietnamese prisoner and evidently his Vietnamese language skills are improving. Randy has a new pair of running shoes and is able to exercise everyday and work in the fields.

Stephanie says that each time Ralph visits Randy, he takes fresh fruits and toiletries to him and another four inmates. Everything is scanned for security reasons but believes that most of the supplies are allowed through. Stephanie plans to keep up her regular support with letters and care packages. Well done Stephanie... your support is a god send!

Thanks to everyone who has signed Randy's petition. We hope that you will all write letters of support to him via the consular. Please be aware that these will be subject to censorship... so we have to be careful. You might like to send him a postcard if you can't think of anything to say. I'm sure that will make his day.

Finally, we trust and pray that the Vietnam government will show mercy and grant clemency to Randy so that he can be returned to his loved ones.

Randy's mother [Dee] writes....

"Randy is so happy to be able to finally SMILE again and eat without the constant agony of abscesses and infections. He would like to personally extend heartfelt appreciation to Ms. Linda B. [full name withheld for privacy reasons] of Toronto, Canada. Linda is a very dear friend of mine. Linda provided a very generous 'Merry Christmas Donation' to Randy's dental fund! Her selfless act of kindness has made Randy's everyday life so much more bearable! GOD BLESS YOU LINDA! XOXXOOXO We are so grateful that words simply cannot express how much!

My husband Robin and I returned from Ottawa, Canada's capital. Our brilliant local MPP, Honourable Barry Devolin, arranged a meeting with our newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Trade, Honourable Minister Peter MacKay. Our scheduled 15 minute meeting went well into 30 minutes. I handled everything well, answering all questions and presenting our requests and answering Mr. MacKay's several questions accurately. The Minister directed his sympathy, compassion and support to myself and our family. He continued taking with us and the direct eye to eye contact was astonishing. I felt that he was genuinely interested in our plight as a family and of our concerns regarding Randy's continued detention and how that was affecting our family and Randy. Barry Devolin brought up some really great points that needed to be mentioned...i.e.: treaties, bilateral agreements, etc. I was reassured that Honourable Minister Peter MacKay will research and proceed with all avenues available to us to return Randy to Canada. He will get back to me shortly with his results, as he just received Randy's file and my letter from the Canadian Prime Minister, Right Honourable Stephen Harper. Things move so slowly as you are well aware but we are continuing to keep our spirits up!

Randy is receiving letters and cards from FPSS members, family and friends. He only wishes that he could reply to everyone but sending post out is very difficult. He appreciates that people understand this fact. The letters make him feel so much closer to home and help him forget for awhile. He wishes to thank everyone for their support, letters, prayers and assistance with medical expenses! Randy misses his siblings, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and wishes to send them all his love and appreciation! Randy thanks Kay Danes, FPSS and everyone for their continued letters and support. He is pleased that he has not been forgotten in Vietnam!

Randy received the "Canadian" beaded necklace that Robbie & Colbie [siblings] made him for his birthday in March. He says that he loves it and wears it ALL the time!

Dee Hogle

[The Leafs are a Canadian Hockey Team]

Randy James Sachs Update 13 April 2006
According to the Canadian Case Management Officer for Foreign Affairs Canada, Randy was visited recently by the Canadian Consular Officer in Vietnam. It was reported that Randy is well and has one remaining dental session which will then finalise his teeth issues.

On questioning him regarding his kidney ailment, he indicated that he felt better but is continuing to drink a lot of water to ease the condition. We must interpret this statement to mean that he is still suffering. Accordingly, the family have raised this issue again with the Case Management Officer and requested support. The Case Officer has assured the family that they will again discuss the kidney problem with Randy and the prison authorities to seek a medical solution.

Randy has requested a number of clothing items, toiletries and a pair of running shoes. He has also asked for a number of books, dictionary and rosary beads if possible. The Canadian Consulate has offered to purchase these items locally pending the transfer of funds by the family.

Randy asked that the Embassy pass on love to his family.

Randy James Sachs Update 13 March 2006
Randy has undergone his second session of dental treatment and is scheduled for his third session. There is a big difference in his ability to eat in the absence of constant infection. The Canadian Consul will pursue the issue of kidneys once dental treatment is complete. Randy indicates that he is currently drinking lots of water in the hope of reducing any damage.

The Canadian Embassy report that Randy is maintaining good spirits despite his situation and he asks that his love and thanks be passed on to his family for their assistance and ongoing support.

The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has now responded to Dee Hogle [Randy's mother] with assurances that her comments have been carefully reviewed and appropriately delegated to the Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Hon. Barry Devolin also forwarded Mr. MacKay all of the information regarding Randy's file. Dee is pleased with the urgency that Mr. Devolin has given to Randy's file and his level of commitment to the family. He continues to support the Family during this horrific nightmare and Dee says that she is very proud to have Mr. Devolin representing them as their MP. His compassion and determination are greatly appreciated!

Randy's 29th birthday is March 10, 2006. The family have sent cards, photo's, vegetable seeds and a Canadian necklace that his brother and sister made for him. Although Randy won't be able to join in the celebrations, his family intend to have a big birthday cake for him, jam packed with plenty of candles. They'll make a wish for him to stay healthy and for a speedy return home. Dee plans on sending Randy the photo of his birthday party and hopes it might give him something to smile about.

Update 11 Jan 2006
Randy's family have received confirmation from Canadian Consular staff that Randy has written to the Consulate to indicate that the first session of 3 dental treatments has been completed. The doctor did not have an issue with the kidneys while treatment took place. The balance to pay for the remaining 2 sessions is approximately CAN$720 which the family are required to pay. This includes the transportation costs involved in transporting him to and from the hospital. Randy will need to see another doctor later for his kidneys. The Consular staff advised the family to prepare for these additional expenses. The next consular meeting with Randy should be at the beginning of February 2006.

Whilst Randy's family continue to rely on the generosity of relatives and friends for the expensive medical bills associated with Randy's medical conditions, they hope to impress upon the Canadian Government officials the urgent need for Randy to be repatriated. Whilst Randy and his family are highly grateful to the Vietnam Government and authorities for enabling him access to medical treatment, the cost of the treatment Randy requires far exceeds the costs that would otherwise result if Randy was interned in Canada. In the long term, the financial burden placed on this Canadian family will indeed be considerable. To sustain such an effort, must certainly increases the emotional trauma they face on a day to day basis.

The family respectfully appeal to the Vietnamese Government to grant Randy's request for mercy and that he be returned to his homeland.

Update 16 Jan 2006
FPSS has been advised by the family of Randy Sachs that a meeting is scheduled to occur between Randy's parents and the Honorable Barry Devolin MP on January 20th, 2006.

Randy's grandparents, Bob and Eileen Hogle will also be attending a meeting at Gillespie Gardens in Beaverton where Mr. Devolin has been invited to speak. They intend to raise a number of questions concerning Randy's internment in Vietnam, and of the letter that Mr. Devolin agreed to send to the Canadian Prime Minister.

FPSS sincerely hopes that the Honourable Barry Devolin will assist this family in finding a way to bring Randy back to those he loves.

Update 22 December 2005
FPSS has been advised by Dee Hogle [mother of Randy James Sachs] that the Canadian Consulate has confirmed the following;

As a result of repeated requests made by the Canadian Consulate, and with the provision of costs provided by Randy's family, Randy was transferred to a local Vietnamese hospital approximately 45 minutes from prison for treatment. His mouth was x rayed and examined by a local dentist who indicated that Randy will require 5 bridges/implants and 4 root canals. The cost will be approximately 1,000. USD or Cdn. 1,200.

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Update 06 Dec 2005
message: Dear Staff & Advocates of FPSS:

I would like to commend you for your dedication, compassion & brilliant coverage of Van Nguyen's heart-wrenching case. Your continuous updates were extremely informative for the tens of thousands of supporters that followed Van's case! It is very assuring to know that we have access to accurate & current information regarding our Foreign Prisoners. Your professionalism & unconditional support shines that bright light at the end of our long, lonely road, to bring our Foreign Prisoners HOME safely!!

I feel priviledged & very grateful to have FPSS advocating on my son's, Randy James Sach, behalf! Keep up the amazing really do make a positive differnce in our lives!!THANX AGAIN, FPSS!


Update 02 November 2005

Randy James Sachs

The Canadian Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City visited Mr Sachs around October 30th. The family report that Randy appears well although he still has not been treated for teeth or kidney issues.

The Consul raised Randy's health issues again. The Warden promised to call the Consular Officer on Monday 31st to let them know the date Randy would be transferred to an outside facility to have teeth and kidneys looked at.

Randy was given 100 Canadian dollars as part of the financial assistance he is entitled too as a Canadian citizen. He requested the status of the possible ad hoc transfer back to Canada and requests also that his family continue to send letters directly to him at the prison. No parcels should be forwarded as there will be customs duties and long delays.

The Embassy meeting lasted 30 minutes. Another request for a visit in November was made by Diplomatic note on November 1st 2005. The Consulate will follow up with the Prison Warden regarding Randy's medical care , as they have not yet had a response.

As requested, Consul agreed to contact Correctional Services Canada (CSC) and try to obtain an update on Randy's transfer request.

Randy sends all of his love to the entire extended family, friends and supporters!

For further information contact the FPSS here.

Update 23 September 2005

Randy's Vietnamese Medical Expenses

Foreign Prisoner Support Services advise that the Toronto Dominion Bank has set up a trust fund for Randy's ongoing medical expenses incurred throughout his detainment in Vietnam. The fund is managed by Randy's family in Canada.

Donations may be made across Canada & Internationally at any Toronto Dominion Bank. Click Here for Toronto Bank Website

For further information contact the FPSS here.

Update 22 September 2005

Mrs. Dee Hogle and her parents met with The Honorable Barry Devolin MP today to respectfully request his support on behalf of Randy James Sachs.

Dee told FPSS that the meeting went a lot better than she had anticipated and was pleased that she was able to hold her composure in what was an emotional journey on behalf of her son currently detained in Vietnam. A copy of all appeal letters, newspaper articles from the Toronto Sun, Randy's letter to Dee and the Clemency appeals drafted by FPSS to the Vietnam Government, were given to the Hon. Barry Devolin. He complimented Dee and her family on their efforts to compile such a comprehensive report which would enable his staff to move forward more quickly.

Dee said that Mr. Devolin was most compassionate to their situation and agreed to assist the family diplomatically, personally forwarding their appeal to the Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.

The family are grateful to all the support that continues to surround them from friends, family, community and complete strangers who have contacted the family and/or signed the petition in the hope that Randy will soon be reunited with those who love him.

Update 16 September 2005

Randy's family will be attending a meeting at 1:30pm with The Honorable Barry Develon, MP. to discuss Randy's situation.

Update 15 September 2005

FPSS have assisted the family in compiling a petition of mercy letter to the Canadian Prime Minister seeking his support to have Randy repatriated to a Canadian Correctional Facility at Randy's request. The family are remaining strong and appreciate all the support from those who have signed the petition and from the community in general who are really rallying around them throughout this ordeal.

Update 13 September 2005

The Canadian Consulate report confirmed that ‘Randy appeared to be doing well even though he indicated that he has not been looked at for either the teeth or kidney problem.'

Update 6 September 2005

Due to 60th anniversary celebrations, Vietnamese authorities have delayed the consular visit until Thursday 8 Sept.

Update 22 August 2005

FPSS drafted two clemency appeals for both Randy and his family. The family forwarded these to the Embassy in Vietnam for submission to the Vietnamese Government.

Update 22 June 2005

The consulate has contacted Randy’s family to advise that he has received permission from authorities to see Randy this week [Friday 24 June 2005]. The Consul will take letters from home and care package from his fiancé. The Consul has also managed to get Randy examined by a Canadian dentist and has sent the report to the authorities requesting that he, without fail, be treated for both kidneys and teeth ailments.

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