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Ryner Christopher Campaign
Name: Ryner Christopher
Birthday : 4 May 1974
Nationality: Jordanian
Sentence: 25 year sentence. As at Jan 2010, I have eight years left to serve. I am grateful that the Thai Authorities have shown mercy on me and reduced my sentence.
Offence: Arrested 30 October 1999 in Bangkok Hotel with 8 grams of heroin.
Case Info: At the time of my arrest, the police found the 8 grams of heroin in my hotel room. I admit I was a drug addict at that time and the heroin was for my personal use only.

My birth name is Ehab Y Qashshouè but I am registered at Klong Prem Prison under the name of Ryner Christopher. I am 25 years old, 195 cm tall, a former basketball enthusiast. I've had big problems here trying to get clothes that will fit me because most of the sizes are way too small for my frame. I take an extra large in all clothing. I am in desperate need of shorts and shirts and a good pair of size 45 thongs [flip flops]. These are incredibly hard to get in Bangkok.

My health is okay for now but I would certainly appreciate some vitamins, Metamucil and proteins. So long as these items are sealed and tamperproof, there shouldn't be a problem getting them to me. I worry about my health because it is not easy to get treatment if you don't have money. One of the Australian prisoners, Mitchell Ian Blake has helped me tremendously and because of his help, I've been able to get some of my teeth repaired. I still need some additional dental work but I cannot afford it.
About me: I wish not to make excuses for my poor behaviour when I was first detained. I admit I did the wrong thing and deserve punishment. I have no doubt in my mind as to the gravity of my offence. It was an unworthy gamble with my life but at the time, I was overcome with addiction and as a result, my common sense was lost and my judgement clouded by the haze of drugs in my body. My life had no real purpose and after turning to drugs, I found no way to escape the downward spiralling of my life. I did not have intentions of hurting others, only myself.

I am no longer a drug user and I have been and continue to be determined to become a better person. Perhaps this is the journey I was destined to make in order to have my life restored. One-day I hope to return to my homeland and begin again. I am grateful to those who are willing to give me a second chance and I will do my best to not let myself down again in the future.
My personal Appeal: Thank you to the Foreign Prisoner Support Service for helping me and to the Thai authorities for allowing me to make this appeal over the internet. I am truly sorry that I was ever involved with drugs. Insha Allah [By the Grace of god] I will never go near them again. I have perhaps simple aspiration for the future, with all my heart I want to be a good man, a good Muslim and a truck driver. I love trucks and motorbikes. If anyone happens to pass a news stand and sees a truck magazine or a motorbike magazine [but please not one with undressed ladies in it] I'd really love to read a magazine or two again. However, I need dental work and enough funds to submit my petition for a Royal Pardon more than I need a magazine. May Allah-god bless you and I thank you for reading this. Peace - Wa Salaam. Ryner Christopher.
Embassy: The Jordanian consulate is available in Bangkok but I have only been able to meet with them twice a year and unfortunately, they are not able to provide me with any financial support. I am grateful however that Jordanians do have representation in Thailand.

    The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Consulate
    47 Soi Ekamai,
    Sukhumvit Rd, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
    Tel: 391-7142; Fax: 391-9180, 381-1314

How you can Help: I would very much welcome letters from people throughout the world. This would help me to maintain a positive outlook for the future. I am so lonely at times even though I am surrounded by hundreds of prisoners. If you feel inclined to write to me then I would be so grateful.

Normal sized letters can be sent to me via the prison. I will try to write back as quickly as possible but please understand that I have no financial resources and mostly rely on other foreigners here to help me with postage costs. If you are able to, please send an *International reply coupon with your letter which can be purchased at your post office. I can use these here and it saves me the costs of postage, money I don't have.

Address as follows:

    Ryner Christopher [Jordanian Prisoner]
    Building 3
    Klong Prem Men's Prison
    33/2 Ngam Wong Won Road
    Bangkok 10900 Thailand

* International Reply Coupons: This is a coupon which you purchase at any Post outlet, and insert into your overseas mail item. The recipient can redeem the coupon at a post office in the destination country. It can be redeemed for stamps to the value of sending a small letter up to 50g by air mail to any country in the world. Some countries redeem International Reply Coupons for postal stationery.
My Interests: My interests are trucks and engines. I like reading magazines and books. If anyone has any literature relating to Muslim teachings then I would welcome this too for my spiritual nurturing. I am determined to improve my education whilst here. I would welcome any sort of educational reading material so that I can improve my mind.
Visits to Klong Prem: In Building #3 where I am detained, I am permitted one visitor on every Friday. Visitors are not allowed to bring in food from the outside but the prison has a small shop where items and food can be purchased. I would sincerely love to have a visit from somebody who can look beyond my faults and see me as a human being. I am trying hard to be a better man and a good Muslim. Life here is difficult and more so when you have no one to help you with even the most basic needs. More information on Klong Prem

Please visit me.... I have not had a visitor for some time now!
Financial Support: If people wish to send me financial support then please write to me so I can let you know how best to do that. I would be very grateful for any financial support so that I can purchase basic essentials, food, clean drinking water etc.

Thank you to the Foreign Prisoner Support service for including my name on their prison pages. I really appreciate this support. In particular, I wish to thank FPSS Advocate Kay Danes for all her kind efforts and help. I have spent years without this type of kindness and I am profoundly grateful for assistance on this journey. Thank you to Martin Hodgson who has been kind to contact the Australian Muslim community on my behalf. May Allah bless you always!

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